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Welcome to Canada Debt Settlements Inc. Experience the unwavering commitment of client service, satisfaction and accountability. Explore practical and innovative debt reduction, debt management and solutions where the bottom line never changes: you will not pay any fees unless you are fully satisfied with our results. Licensed under the Ontario Consumer Protection Branch, Canada Debt Settlements strives to advocate for, and protect the rights of individuals facing financial hardships.

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Reasons for financial hardships are unique as the individuals facing them. While bankruptcy and credit counseling programs are part of a great Canadian landscape of consumer help, they may not always be the best solution for every person and their unique set of circumstance and interests. As an alternative to bankruptcy, consumer proposal and credit counseling, Canada Debt Settlements offers modern, client-specific debt solutions and consumer representation including handling of collection calls on your behalf. Consumer rights do not disappear with a diminishing bank account.

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Canada Debt Settlements stands by the commitment and service guarantee that no client will be charged unless we can achieve a debt reduction. As our customer testimonials will demonstrate - we have a unique solution that allows a licensed agency to advocate with your creditors on your behalf. We work for YOU... not the creditor. Call now to speak with an experienced and licensed debt professional. What do you have to lose?

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I almost lost hope with the credit card debts that I had, I found Canada Debt Settlements and now all my debts have been settled. Thanks alot to Canada Debt Settlements.
N.L. of Toronto

Debt Savings: $55,000

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Happy Customer solved debt issues with debt settlement Ontario Canada
Received July 20, 2012 via email

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